Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bibliography! why are u so difficult?! =( can i just bink bink my eyes and all are done?! =( i hope i have this ability!! haahahah!! well... i just just do my best!! JYJYJY OHYY!!! GOGOGO!!! hahahaha!!

Engine YxW u said u dont want to disapoint me but infact .......... haix!!.... nvm... i think smth eles is bothering me more then u... like that someone other then you lor! hahah!
Life is too short to be sad!... SMILE!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

blogging is no long 'in' nowadays yea....
was telling lay hwee yesterday that if anything happen to me, pass msg to ppl... she started to get angry with me.. hahha! but its true la... i wanna say i love my parent that much++++!!! tell them how much i love them! very very much..... in our live of show no one know what will happen the next second.. so tell them how much u love them BUT its actually very difficult to do that leading to a hidden feeling...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


HMM. ไฟึึฟ แฟสส ิีะ หแฟพำ ไรสส ะ้ำ ้รหะนพั ฟยยำฟพ ฟเฟรึงง หนว ร ห้ฟสส 忍!!! AH GONG GOH!!! u hurt me la!!! u and ur ring on ur finger hit me!!! ROARRR!!!! OR CHEI le la!!!! HAIX.... nvm la::: since U're sick... night duty everyweek is damn tiring!!! bUT what to DO???? i hope i can be tranfer away!!!!  nt for me to miss except the 死鬼们 :)  WELL..... aft tonite i'll be goIng for my AL but i'm not happy or excited @ all!! THIS IS ANOTHER FORCE LEAVVE AGAIN!!!! ARGHHHH!!! I DETEST U MAN F.MAP.....!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


是 因为一次又一次的失望吗?

hates u! TTM

why do u want to make ppl life difficult?? u're really such a horrible women!!!

GPA not enough then can't go study! wait wait and wait!!! next yr then can TRY sent me for bridging!! bridge liao also dunno can make it not!! make it next next yr then can go study then next next next next yr then can graduate!! tsktsk!!!

going on leave on the 22 April- 2th May UNWILLINGLY !!!! RAWZ!!!! this is really bad!!! what kinda colour heart do u have inside!!! i think must dig out and see then will know!!!!

我真的超不开心的!!! 我的假期,你给到像你自己一样! 他妈的 去死吧你!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


D50! can u believe its so powerful??!! mdm tan hypo just now.... 3.1, then glucose drink given her but still continue dropping 2.8!! she unresponsive! doc came! inserted iv plus D50 given straight away!! wee! less then 1 min! pt said! aiyo pain la!!! see how powerful dextrose 50% is when u're hypo!!! its save life!!!woot!!

felicia last day today=(
pohling left 1 month back =((
who's next???

Monday, October 25, 2010

random post

2 night I'm having now... but... almost every week night so = 1 month 8nights = to hours not enough = to pay back 4hours = 1 hour 4 times/days.... -_-" i also NEH say i wanna so much night.... Zzz.....

haiz work aside.... anyways, human are so difficult to satisfied... LOL

The earth is turning = life is moving too.... i'm 20 years old le.. thanks for the ppl who had celebrated with me =)) morkor, pris ros.., 7a gang, xia's gang, not forgetting my dearest babies.... kb jy fp tf (muacks)...